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Coronavirus / Covid-19 

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 Our latest letter to parents and carers, dated 9th June 2020 is below.

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9th June 2020

Dear Parents,

Many thanks to those of you who have filled in the questionnaire. We are pleased that so many of you will send your children back to school,  but we understand that others are still deciding or feel quite strongly that you would rather wait until September.

I would like to share with you more detailed information about the organisation for when we return next Monday with Reception and some Nursery pupils as well as our ongoing Key Worker pods.

There will be five Reception pods, which will be led by a Reception or Year 1 class teacher. Your child will not necessarily be with their class teacher but they will know the staff in their pod. There will also be at least one member of support staff in each pod.

Your child will stay in the same pod all of the time. (If your child is currently in the key worker pod, they can move to the Reception pod if you can collect them at 2.45-3.10 Monday to Thursday and by 12 on a Friday) If not they will need to stay in the key worker pod which will run from 8.30-3.30.

Your child will only mix with the adults and children in their pod. They will not play out with other children.  They will eat their lunch with their pod.

All of this is designed to minimise contact with others. It is not expected by the government that there will be strict social distancing within each pod, however social distancing will be maintained between pods.

Children will still have milk, fruit and school lunches as usual.

We have followed all government guidelines in preparing school for more children to return. I hope this document answers some of the questions that you may have.

I have tried to answer other questions you may have in the following questions:

Will staff be asked to wear face masks and other forms of PPE when teaching my child?

No. Based on government guidance staff will not be asked or made to wear PPE when teaching your child. Staff will be given the choice to wear a face covering should they wish and will only be asked to wear a face mask if they are supervising a child who is showing symptoms of Coronavirus or when they are carrying out intimate care procedures e.g. changing nappies. Our cleaning staff will also have access to PPE as they will be moving from room to room when cleaning and emptying bins.

How will the school ensure that children do not mix in large groups in school?

We understand that children, especially our younger children, would find it hard to stick to the 2-meter social distancing measures. With that, we have developed a plan that has placed children and staff into ‘pods’ whereby staff and children only learn within that pod. Along with staggered start/end times, staggered playtimes and limited supervised movement around the building, we are confident we can avoid cross-contamination.

Will parents be allowed into the playground?

No. Drop off and pick up will be at the school gates around the perimeter of the Beaumont site. From Monday 15th, no cars will be allowed to drive onto the site and all access will be from the pedestrian walkways.

We would ask that only one parent brings and collects their child from school. This is to ensure we have the least amount of people on the grounds at any one time. We also ask that you keep a 2-meter gap between you and other parents when queuing to drop off.. Senior leaders will ensure social distancing is being adhered to in the grounds. We have put out markers on the path to support with this.

How will I drop my child off and collect them from school?

Children can be dropped and collected at one of the gates as follows:

·         Reception gate next to the staff car park ( nearest  to the main entrance) – Please drop nursery children  and key Worker pod (N,                  R,1)

·         Gate next to the MUGA (nearest to Moorend) and Rear gate from Woodside Road -   Reception children and key worker children for            Year 2/3 pod

Drop off between 8.45-9.15

Collection between 2.45-3.10

Staff will be present to help.

Will parents and visitors be allowed into the school building?

Parents and visitors in school will be kept to an absolute minimum to avoid cross-contamination. Only in extremely circumstances will visitors, including parents be permitted into the school building. Parents are asked to respect this and contact school via telephone or email.

Will my child have access to the toilet and water when they need it?

Yes. All pods have their own toilets and washing facilities. We will be asking parents to provide children with their own full water bottle each day and these will need to be cleaned daily.

Do the children have to wear uniform?

We would like children to wear uniform should they return to school. However, we understand that children grow, and some parts of their uniform may not fit them when they return. We also understand that you may not be able to purchase uniform at this time due to logistical or financial reasons. If this is the case, then we ask that you make the best effort possible to send your child in appropriate clothing where possible. Children will be taking part in exercise everyday so PE shorts /joggers/leggings with uniform tops would be good. Please ensure children are wearing shoes or trainers suitable for running. Please do not send in a separate PE kit.

Will I receive a fine if I choose not to send my child back to school?

No. As this is a very difficult and uncertain time for us all, we would not issue fines or carry out our usual attendance procedures. We just ask that you keep us informed of your ongoing decisions.

Can my child wear a face covering/mask to school?

Guidance suggested that masks are not appropriate for children of primary school age as there are issues around breathing if they do not know how to use them correctly and can increase cross-contamination.  

Will my child be with their friends?

Your children will be in a small pod with children they know. We cannot plan to put children with specific children. Your child will only be in a ‘pod’ with their year group. Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to any of the ‘pods’ we have created as we would risk cross contamination.

Will my child be doing schoolwork in school?

We understand that children have been away from school for many weeks now and we do not expect that they will be able to come straight back and pick up from where they left. We have therefore adapted the timetable slightly to include regular breaks and opportunities for them to work on their personal social and emotional development as well as academic learning but yes children will be working on many usual timetabled activities.

What will happen at break and dinner time?

Children will remain with their pod and will have staggered break and lunch times to ensure they do not mix with children and staff outside of their pod.

My child is in one of the year groups due to return to school can their brother and sister also attend?

No. The Government has made the decision to only send back certain year groups. This is so that numbers in school can remain low and we can have smaller class sizes. If we were to try and accommodate siblings too this would increase the class sizes which would then be bigger than the government guidance.

What happens if one of the children in the ‘pod’ show signs of Coronavirus?

Based on government guidance, if a child within a ‘pod’ shows symptoms of Coronavirus, they will be taken out of the classroom and taken to a designated isolation room. Staff will stay with and support the child until parents/carers can collect. The child would have to go into self-isolation for 7 days and anyone in their house should self-isolate for 14 days. Any child who displays symptoms will have access to a test and where the child tests positive for Coronavirus, the rest of the ‘pod’ will be sent home to self-isolate for 14 days.

Will there be a breakfast club and after school club?

No. The government guidance states that class sizes should not exceed 15 and that children should not mix in different ‘pods’. We therefore cannot provide before or after school clubs.

What should my child bring to school?

Your child should only bring a water bottle and come with their coat on. They should not bring their book bag or PE kit.

Yours sincerely
Miss D Kelly