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Coronavirus / Covid-19 

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 Our latest letter to parents and carers, dated 9th June 2020 is below.

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17th July 2020 

Dear Parent/Carer,

 I write as an academic year unlike any other draws to a close. It has been a difficult few months for all of us and our school has felt eerily quiet as we have worked alongside a much reduced number of our amazing children. Normally, at this time of year, we would be reflecting upon the achievements and successes of our children since September. There would have been Sports day with MEA sports leaders, competitions and awards to celebrate, trips to think about and a real sense of satisfaction at the close of a year.

Instead, our thoughts are naturally drawn to the events around the closing of schools in March 2020 and the impact that a global pandemic has had upon all of our lives. Times of adversity often have an effect of binding individuals and communities together and I am very proud and humbled by the way our school community has worked together. I am certain that the last few months will have led to irrevocable changes in all of our lives, particularly in the way we view and value those who care for us and the ones we hold dear.

 As I look forward to September, I do so with both hope and eager anticipation in welcoming everyone back to school. Whilst the school site will be closed for parts of the Summer, work will continue throughout the summer to ensure that both the school and our staff are ready to recommence face to-face education with all of our children.

School reopens for children on Wednesday 9th September

Home Learning

Thank you for sharing with us all of the amazing things you have done with your children

New routines for September

However, school life will be very different when we return, following all of the government guidance. We will as always ensure your children are extremely well cared for and taught, however there will be some changes to routines in school which will include the following:

  • Pupils will be kept in year group/key stage bubbles – this means they will have strict rotas in place for drop off/break/lunch and pick up – during the day, they will only mix with their year group
  • To support with social distancing, parents can come onto the wider campus, but we will not be able to allow parents into the school grounds- drop off and pick up will be at one of the external gates (drop off 8.45-9.05 and pick up 2.55-3.15)
  • There will be a one way system in place for pathways on the grounds where possible
  • Parents with nursery children, children with disabilities and parents with disabilities will be permitted to drive onto the car park- NO OTHER CARS WILL BE PERMITTED ON SITE – we will be sending car park permits to nursery families and families of children with a disability- any parents with a disabled badge will need to visit school with their badge, and photo ID which matches the photo ID on the blue badge before aa permit will be issued. Only one permit per family will be issued. Staff will be present on the main entrance of the campus - please do not turn into the campus if you do not have a permit.
  • Reception pupils will be dropped and collected at the reception gate
  • Year 1 and 2 pupils will be dropped and collected at the back gates and
  • Year 3 and 4 pupils will be dropped and collected at the gate by the MUGA.
  • Parents will need to drop at the different gates and move around with children who need to go to different year groups. Collection will be at the same gates- we hope by having a 20 minute drop off and pick up period, there will be a natural stagger which will support with an efficient wait time. We will ask that you help us by following the one way systems and maintaining social distancing whilst queueing to drop off/pick up.
  • Pupils will have their own pencil case provided with their own high use equipment
  • Cleaning and hygiene routines will be rigorous and regular throughout the day
  • Children will still be provided with a school lunch- some children will eat lunch in their classroom

There is no expectation by the government that younger children will socially distance, however we will expect that as children are old enough to understand they will try to support us in this.


Behaviour expectations as always will be high and any inappropriate actions which poses any COVID risk, eg deliberately coughing/sneezing on someone or pretending to will not be tolerated – we have added an appendices to our behaviour policy to support with dealing with any behaviour of this kind. Please continue to talk to your children about hygiene expectations when it is time to come back to school.


Attendance is compulsory from September, however guidance remains that children will not be permitted to attend school should they exhibit any of the symptoms linked to COVID-19:


  • A high temperature – this means they feel hot to touch on their chest or back
  • A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • A loss or change to their sense of smell or taste – this means they’ve noticed that they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Any person observed to display any of the symptoms listed above whilst at school will be removed from their class and isolated until they can be collected and taken home. The individual (staff or student) will not be able to return to school unless they have undertaken a test for COVID-19 and I have received written confirmation that the result is negative.

Should the school receive notification that a member of the attending school population has tested positive for COVID-19, further advice and guidance will be sought from Public Health England.

We continue to work with public health and will inform them of any positive tests and follow any advice given.

Nursery Children

Nursery will start back for existing children on Thursday 10th September.

On Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th, we will be organising visits for new nursery children.

Our nursery staff will contact families in early September to discuss arrangements for starting dates, following on from any phone discussions this term but we will invite you in on either the Tuesday or Wednesday.

Reception Children

We would like to invite all Reception children to have a walk through the reception classrooms on Tuesday 8th September between 9am -11am.

WE can only allow ONE parent/family member to accompany your little one. The visit will be limited to a walk through to say hello to staff and see their classroom before starting on Wednesday 9th.

On Wednesday 9th, all Reception children will be in – drop off between 8.45am-9.05am. We will have lots of staff around to help.

Years 1-4

In year transfers children who are moving schools to start with us in September and have not yet had a chance to visit school, may call in for a short walk through school on Tuesday 8th September between 9-11am.


On our website, please find videos which you can share with your children so that they can see the inside of school and their classrooms. We know that this year it has not been possible to allow new pupils to visit and we have not been able to allow all of our children to spend time in their new classes with their new teachers. We can assure you that we are prepared for supporting children back in to school in September and we will, as always , provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment and we look forward to meeting everyone then.

Breakfast and After School Clubs

We will be starting these in the new term in line with government guidance. Letters will come out when we return and we will aim to start the week beginning 21st September for breakfast club and the 28th September for after school clubs. Please note our offer will be reduced compared to previous years as we need to follow the guidance. Please do not rely on club places for childcare.

Stay and Play

We look forward to resuming the brilliant stay and play sessions but this will not be possible immediately upon opening. We will review our risk assessments with the trust and be in touch with when it can take place again.

Getting in touch

Over the Summer, we will continue to check the emergency e mail address – we will respond to you but please do be patient as we may not check it every day.

Free School Meals

If your circumstances change and you feel you are entitled to free school meals, please make an application on line to Kirklees.

Medical Needs

If your child has a medical need (asthma/eczema/allergies or any other condition you have written on your admission form), we would like to meet with you the week before school starts so that we can complete all paperwork and collect medication from you. Please come in to school on Wednesday 3rd September between 10 and 2pm to complete paperwork. (This includes children already in school as well as new starters)

Please ensure you contact your Dr to collect medication for school. Please supply a plastic container with a sealed lid in which the medication and any spacers etc fit and label this with your child’s name.

Please note, we will not allow a child to start school if we do not have their medication in school.


Polite reminder – we would like all children to return to school in full uniform from September. Please see the website for full details of uniform. Trousers/shorts/pinafores/skirts/pale blue polo shirts can be bought in any supermarket or uniform shop. Logo jumpers/cardigans and book bags can be bought in Natasha’s in town or Bridge Schoolwear in Milnsbridge.

Saying goodbye….

I hope you will join me in congratulating Miss Vardanyan and Miss Quinn, who will be leaving us to start their teacher training in September. We would like to thank them for all of their commitment and work at Beaumont and we wish them all the very best for the future. 

September Staffing

We are very excited to tell you about our new members of staff who will be joining our existing amazing team. Staffing in September will be as follows for teachers. We will confirm where teaching assistants will be in September.


Class Organisation September 2020 – Staffing – New staff are highlighted in yellow

Year Group

Class Name


Where – coming from main entrance

Teaching assistants/Nursery Practitioners

Nursery 2s


Liz Roberts, EYP  - ER – 2 year old lead


Sallysha Johnson  - SJ

Rachel Smith – RS

Lizzie Wainwright – EW

Sharon Chadwick - SC

Nursery 3/4s


Fiona Thompson – FT -  Assistant Principal Early Years




Kimberley Moult – KM – DT lead

Ground floor, last 3 rooms on the left




Fran Moorhouse – FM – PSHE lead



Annisa Lissa – AL – Music lead

Year 1


Tammy Gartside – TGA

Ground floor, first 3 classes on the right


Year 1


Jen Nichols – JN -

Year 1


Philippa Cummins – PC – Science lead/ Art

Year 2


Naz Ismail – NI – English Lead

Ground floor, last 3 classes on the right


Year 2


Zainab Khalid – ZK -  RE lead

Year 2


Kirstie Turnbull – KT – lead TBC

Year 3


Oliver Haigh – OH

Top floor, far end, first 5 classrooms


Year 3


Nicole Robinson – NR – Maths lead



Rebecca Whittle - RW

Year 4


Mary Holland – MHO – History lead


Year 4


Jackie Cork – JC – PE lead / Geography


HLTAs/Cover Supervisor

AP – Alice Penney     AA – Ateeba Akram     LG – Lindsay Grix      Jas Heer - JHE 

Teaching Students


Early help Officer/DSL


RM - Rhona Mulvihill

Vice Principal – Curriculum/Teaching and Learning

RC – Richard Coates    

Asst Principal  - Inclusion

ST – Sally Tunnacliffe


CK – Christine Kaye, LR – Lorna Rees, YI – Yasmeen Ishaq   JI – Jonathan Ibbotson


Krystine Bindley – KB    Molly Howarth – MH      Claire Benson – CB

Teaching Assistants

James Hobson – JHO  Jeanette Battye – JB   Sofiya Asaf – SA  Kanwal Mansoor – KM   

Tracey Gledhill – TGl   Nahid Arshad – NA   Nicole Bullock – NB Olivia Dancaster –OD Louise Travers - LT   Lynn Cawley – LC   Rachael Ibbotson – RI  Sarah McNae – SM   Mandy Reid – MR    Janette  Grady – JG

Tracy Pugh – TP    Alison Harrison - AH