Beaumont Primary Academy is a member of South Pennine Academies
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Beaumont Primary Academy

Staff at Beaumont Primary Academy

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Miss Debbie Kelly
Vice Principal Mr Richard Coates
Assistant Principal Miss Sally Tunnacliffe
Early Years Assistant Principal

Mrs Fiona Thompson

SENDCO Miss Sally Tunnacliffe
Designated Safeguarding Lead Miss Sally Tunnacliffe
Deputy Safeguarding Leads Miss Debbie Kelly, Mr Richard Coates, Mrs Fiona Thompson and Mrs Rhona Mulvihill
Early Help Officer Mrs Rhona Mulvihill

 Teaching Staff

Reception Moles Mrs Annisa Lissa
Reception Rabbits Miss Francesca Moorhouse
Reception Squirrels Mrs Kimberley Moult and Miss Sally Tunnacliffe
Year 1 Badgers Miss Jennifer Nichols
Year 1 Otters Miss Tammy Gartside
Year 1 Polecats  Mrs Philippa Cummins, Miss Sally Tunnacliffe and Mr Richard Coates
Year 2 Bats Mrs Nazmunnisha Ishmail
Year 2 Foxes Mrs Kirstie Turnbull
Year 2 Hedgehogs Mrs Zainab Khalid
Year 3 Kingfishers Miss Nicole Robinson
Year 3 Woodpeckers Mr Oliver Haigh
Year 3 / 4 Robins Miss Rebecca Whittle
Year 4 Kestrels

Miss Mary Holland

Year 4 Owls

Miss Jackie Cork / Miss Laura Griffin 


Teaching Support Staff


Higher Level Teaching Assistant                                                  Miss Alice Penney

Higher Level Teaching Assistant                                                  Miss Ateeba Akram

Higher Level Teaching Assistant                                                  Mrs Lindsey Grix

Senior ETA / Cover Supervisor                                                     Miss Jasbir Heer

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Tracey Gledhill

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mr James Hobson

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Miss Stacey Lach

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Miss Hayley Crowther

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Nahid Arshad

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Sofiya Asaf

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Kanwal Mansoor

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Jeanette Battye

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Nicola Bullock

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Sarah McNae

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Alison Harrison

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Tracy Pugh

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Lynn Cawley

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Mrs Mandy Reid

Educational Teaching Assistant                                                    Miss Rachel Ibbotson

Apprentice Teaching Assistant                                                      Miss Louise Travers


Nursery Staff

Early Years Assistant Principal Mrs Fiona Thompson
Deputy Nursery Manager Miss Elizabeth Roberts
Nursery Practitioner Mrs Rachel Smith
Nursery Practitioner Miss Elizabeth Wainwright
Nursery Practitioner Mrs Sharon Chadwick
Nursery Practitioner Miss Charlotte Sykes

 Office / Support Staff       

Finance Manager Mrs Justine Bowman
Office Manager Mrs Krystine Bindley
Receptionist / Business Support Officer Miss Molly Howarth
Business Support Officer Mrs Claire Benson
Apprentice Business Support Mr Joe Batley
Caretaker Mr Johnny Ibbotson
Cleaning Staff Ms Christine Kaye
Cleaning Staff Miss Lorna Rees
Cleaning Staff Mrs Yasmeen Ishaq

Lunchtime Staff


Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Nishawa Nasir

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Sajeeda Haneef

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Rifhat Riaz

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Yasmeen Ishaq

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Rashida Parveen

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Saba Rana       

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                                     Mrs Kehkshan Javeid


Breakfast Club Staff


Breakfast Club Supervisor                                                             Mrs Tracey Gledhill

Breakfast Club Supervisor                                                             Miss Hayley Crowther

Breakfast Club Supervisor                                                             Mrs Rifhat Riaz

Breakfast Club Supervisor                                                             Mrs Sajida Haneef

Breakfast Club Supervisor                                                             Mrs Nishawa Nasir