Beaumont Primary Academy is a member of South Pennine Academies
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Beaumont Primary Academy

Staff at Beaumont Primary Academy

Senior Leadership Team

Principal                                                                                   Miss Debbie Kelly

Assistant Principal                                                                  Miss Sally Tunnacliffe

Early Year Leader                                                                    Mrs Fiona Thompson

Teaching Staff     

Reception Teacher - Squirrels                                                 Mrs Fiona Thompson

Reception Teacher - Rabbits                                                   Miss Francesca Moorhouse

Reception Teacher - Moles                                                      Mrs Annisa Lissa

Year 1 Teacher - Otters                                                            Miss Sally Tunnacliffe and

                                                                                                     Miss Tammy Gartside

Year 1 Teacher - Badgers                                                         Miss Mary Holland

Year 1 / 2 - Polecats                                                                  Mrs Philippa Cummins and

                                                                                                   Mrs Kimberley Moult

Year 2 Teacher - Hedgehogs                                                   Miss Zainab Khalid

Year 2 Teacher - Foxes                                                             Miss Jacqueline Cork

Year 3 Teacher - Kingfishers                                                   Miss Nicole Robinson

Year 3 Teacher - Woodpeckers                                               Mrs Nazmunnisha Ismail

Teaching Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistant                                          Miss Alice Penney

Cover Supervisor / Senior Teaching Assistant                   Miss Jasbir Heer

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mrs Jeanette Battye

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mrs Nahid Arshad

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mrs Sofiya Asaf

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Miss Hayley Crowther

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Miss Tracey Gledhill

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mr James Hobson

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Miss Stacey Lach

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mrs Kanwal Mansoor

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Miss Ciara Quinn            

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mrs Lucine Vardanyan

Educational Teaching Assistant                                            Mrs Nicola Bullock

Apprentice Teaching Assistant                                              Miss Olivia Dancaster

Apprentice Teaching Assistant                                             Miss Louise Travers

Lunchtime Staff / Catering Staff

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                           Mrs Sajida Haneef

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                           Mrs Yasmeen Ishaq

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                           Mrs Nishawa Nasir

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                           Mrs Rashida Parveen

Lunchtime Supervisor                                                           Mrs Rifhat Riaz

Catering Supervisor (Kirklees)                                             Mrs Debs Horrocks

Cook (Kirklees)                                                                      Mrs Nicola Pearson

Catering Assistant (Kirklees)                                                Miss Ella Dunn

Catering Assistant (Kirklees)                                                Miss Kelly Chambers

Catering Assistant (Kirklees)                                                Mrs Susan Earnshaw

Office Staff and Support Staff

Office Manager                                                                        Mrs Krystine Bindley

Finance Manager                                                                     Vacant post

Administration Support Officer (Apprentice)                    Miss Molly Howarth

Caretaker                                                                                  Mr Jonathan Ibbotson

Cleaner                                                                                       Ms Christine Kaye

Cleaner                                                                                      Miss Lorna Rees

Early Help Officer                                                                    Mrs Rhona Mulvihill

Miss Debbie Kelly Miss Sally Tunnacliffe Mrs Fiona Thompson



Mrs Philippa Cummins Miss Francesca Moorhouse Mrs Annisa Lissa
Miss Zainab Khalid Miss Jacqueline Cork Miss Tammy Gartside



Miss Nicole Robinson Mrs Nazmunnisha Ismail Miss Mary Holland






Mrs Sofiya Asaf Mrs Kimberley Moult Mrs Nicola Bullock




Miss Olivia Dancaster Miss Louise Travers
Miss Hayley Crowther Mrs Nahid Arshad Mrs Tracey Gledhill
Mr James Hobson Miss Stacey Lach Mrs Kanwal Mansoor
Miss Ciara Quinn Mrs Lucine Vardanyan Miss Alice Penney



Miss Jasbir Heer Mrs Jeanette Battye Mrs Sajida Haneef


Mrs Nishawa Nasir Mrs Rifhat Riaz Mrs Yasmeen Ishaq
Mrs Rashida Parveen Mrs Debs Horrocks Miss Nicola Pearson



Miss Ella Dunn Mrs Susan Earnshaw Miss Kelly Chambers
Ms Christine Kaye Miss Lorna Rees Mr Johnny Ibbotson



Mrs Rhona Mulvihill Mrs Krystine Bindley Miss Molly Howarth