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Information correct - January 2019

We are delighted to introduce ParentPay to Beaumont Primary Academy - the online parent platform so that items such as school dinners, school milk and school trips can be paid for online, so you don't have to send in cash with your child to school. 

On 25th January all children were given an activation letter to take home.  The first step in being able to use ParentPay, is to make sure that you generate an online account using the information provided in the letter (username and passcode).  Please speak to Mrs Bindley or Miss Howarth in the school office if you need any help with this stage.

Soon we will be adding items to pay for.  They will be school trips for later on in the year and school milk for the Summer 2019 term.  You will be notified of these items in a separate letter with more detailed information.  This item will then show in your ParentPay menu.

If you would like to pay for items by cash, please ask the school office to generate you a barcoded letter which you can then take to a PayPoint outlet (such as the NIsa shop on Dryclough Road).

Please note that payments for school dinners will not become live until September 2019, when we progress to having Key Stage 2 children in year 3.

From September 2019, we will also be able to order you a PayPoint card so that you can also pay for school dinners by cash, also at PayPoint outlets. 

For more information, please visit the ParentPay website: or visit their FAQ page