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PE Curriculum




Physically educated persons are those who have learned to arrange their lives in such a way that the habitual physical activities they freely engage in make a distinctive contribution to their wider flourishing.

- James MacAllister


At Beaumont Primary Academy we believe that children should learn about Physical education and use this to enhance their life beyond their time at our school. We want children to become physically confident in a way which supports their health, fitness and understanding of how they use their bodies to carry our physically demanding activities. We truly believe in the principles of physical education and sport and how this can be a vehicle for all children to learn, not just about sport but about personal qualities that will stay with them for a lifetime.

As an active school, we want our children to move throughout the school day and for Physically Active Learning (PAL) be a key foundation that underpins how children learn.

Physical Education plays a key role in this and the teaching ‘of the physical’ will ensure our children develop and progress in our 4 key areas:

  • Acquiring new skills
  • Selecting and applying tactics and compositional ideas
  • Evaluating and improving performance
  • Knowledge and understanding of health and fitness


We believe that if children are confident and self-aware in these 4 areas, they will become physically confident.

As well as developing the physical aspect of the subject, we whole-heartedly believe in the development of the child’s social skills. Our Physical Education curriculum will allow children to develop: resilience; respect of others; cooperation, team-work and determination – which are all hugely important in developing the ‘whole-child’.

Our Physical Education curriculum, in addition to our belief in Physically Active Learning, will ultimately ensure that our children:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time;
  • engage in competitive sports and activities;
  • lead healthy, active lives.



Children receive a twice weekly Physical Education lesson which focuses on particular skill developments linked to a game/sport. These skills are centred around the development of: fundamental movement, catching/throwing, balance, sequencing an invasion. Early Years Foundation and Key Stage 1 children focus on the fundamental movement and body awareness. Once children have developed body awareness and the fundamental movements in EYFS and Key Stage 1, they are then progressed in Key Stage 2 into games and more physically demanding activities.

Children receive a broad exposure to a wide-variety of activities and sports to help them develop specific skills.


Aut 1

Aut 2

Spr 1

Spr 2

Sum 1

Sum 2

Early Years Foundation

Manipulation and Coordination






Year 1

Invasion Games



Net-Wall Games/OAA

Striking and fielding/Athletics

Striking and fielding/Athletics

Year 2




Invasion Games/Striking and fielding

Striking and fielding/OAA

Net Wall Games/ Athletics

Year 3 


Dance/ Gym

Gym/ Curling


Netball/ Cricket



Year 4



Swimming/ Dance

Swimming/ Gym

Swimming/ Tennis










Year 5







Year 6









We believe that Physical Education lessons should follow the same key principles of classroom teaching where the objectives of the lesson and success criteria is shared with children. Throughout the lesson, children are given the opportunity to self-assess and reflect on their performance. The end of the lesson will not be a time to collect the equipment, children will be asked a series of questions which allows them to reflect on 3 key areas:

  1. Heads
  2. Hearts
  3. Hands

Children are asked questions such as: which strategy did you use? Did it work? How did your body feel when you had to…? Which part of your body did you use to…? How did you work as a team? If there anything you could do to improve your communication as a team?

The quality of Physical Education is measured regularly by the subject leader and the upskilling and CPD of staff is a key priority of the PE & Sports Premium action plan. Leaders use child voice to ensure children find lessons enjoyable, purposeful and ultimately talk about the subject and their successes confidently.


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