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Beaumont Primary Academy

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning opportunities will be part of a continuous learning cycle.


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Experience of the outdoors has the potential to provide a multitude of benefits on young people’s physical development, emotional and mental health and well- being and societal development.

Mental health and well-being benefits from outdoor play appear to be long-term and support emotional stability in young adulthood and we knowing this, we will plan for lots of outdoor learning opportunities.

Taking advantage of the rich local area on the doorstep of Beaumont Primary Academy, including the historical and beautiful setting of Beaumont Park, will be an entitlement for all our students and school based outdoor learning will be a key feature of our curriculum. Learning outside the classroom will not be an addition to the curriculum but will be integral to it, driven through a range of subject areas. To make sure that happens, our curriculum will put learning outside the classroom into the development of schemes of work and into curriculum planning at every stage.

The experiences we will provide will support students to develop social, personal, citizenship and sustainability skills such as values, attitudes, aesthetic awareness, problem solving, self-reliance, resilience, independence, teamwork, personal enjoyment, personal health,  sustainable relationships between people and their environment; well- being and motivation. We will add value through embedding strong links with other curriculum areas, allowing students to understand how learning and skills are linked and transferred.