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At Beaumont Primary Academy we aim to provide high-quality history curriculum that will inspire in pupils a curiosity and interest in Britain's past and that of the wider world. This is done through topics lead learning. The curriculum we provide will equip learners with knowledge and understanding about significant aspects of history highlighted in the National Curriculum.

Pupil's will be develop an increasing knowledge and understanding of people's lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identify.. 

Through our long term plan there are topics which use History as the driver and there are other topics where historical knowledge and skills are linked to provide connections through subjects. 

The plans clearly show our topics, national curriculum content, knowledge and key skills.

Please find below a document that outlines the coverage of Historical teaching, alongside the knowledge and skills that will be developed.


 Throughout the teaching of history, through our topic approach, we aim to inspire pupils' curiosity to learn and understand about the past. We enable pupils to think critically, ask questions, use artefacts and historical information to develop understanding, perspective and judgement.

In the document below, are the historical topics that are covered throughout pupil's time at Beaumont Primary Academy.


History at Beaumont is implemented in numerous ways throughout school. Some of these include:


  • Topic displays in classrooms and corridors, including the subject specific vocabulary taught.
  • Topic exploration days, where children can be immersed in the learning and be providing with exciting and engaging tasks.
  • Use of artefacts to promote children’s curiosity and allow them to explore.
  • Use of sources and understanding of the differences between primary and secondary sources.
  • Outdoor learning where appropriate.
  • Cross-curricular opportunities are explored where possible. English, maths, science,

ICT, art and geography are all taught discretely but often revisited during history lessons.

  • Trips, in-school workshops and community involvement to provide first-hand experiences to our children to support and develop their learning.



As pupils progress through school they will develop their Historical knowledge and skills under 3 headings. These are

  • Chronological Understanding
  • Knowledge and Interpretation
  • Historical Enquiry

And will be required to retain specific knowledge on the topic afterwards.

Children will be encouraged to reflect on the knowledge learnt throughout the topic and then their understanding will be visible in books at the end. Key vocabulary and prompts will be displayed in and out of the classroom environment, enabling children to absorb and reflect continuously, supporting long term knowledge development.

 Below we have the curriculum overview and skills progression documents for History at Beaumont.