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Characteristics of Effective Learning                    


At Beaumont we use Achievasaurs to develop good learning behaviours. Each Achievasaur represents a skill or attitude that makes up the ‘Characteristic of Effective Learning’. These characteristics underpin and strengthen learning. Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning by describing themselves using the characteristics of a particular Achievasaur. The soft toys of all the Achievasaurs are in class for the children to use.  Please also see the following link for parents.

                   Explorator: explores and uses imagination in play.

           Joinasaurus: plays with others and joins in a range of games.

          Thinkodocus: concentrates on the task in hand. 

           Tryatops: keeps on trying, and shows pride in achievements.   

        Stickasaurus: tests ideas and find new ways to do things. 

            Solveosaurus: has their own ideas and reflects on their learning.