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Beaumont Primary Academy

The Beaumont Way

What is 'The Beaumont Way'?

 At Beaumont Primary Academy, we want our children to have access to an enriching, stimulating and nurutring environment, that helps them to develop skills that will help them in later life. 

We believe that taking lessons beyond the classroom is essential to making lifelong learners who can go out into the real world and become successes. 

At the heart of 'The Beaumont Way' is our safe learning environment- this is underpinned by our Rights, Respecting approach. 


At Beaumont we recognise the rich and powerful learning which must take place beyond the classroom walls and taking our learning outdoors will allow pupils to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in many curriculum areas by learning in situ; for example in the park, woodlands, moorlands, local businesses and other places of interest to name a few examples.

We are developing a curriculum which celebrates the diversity and knowledge of our local area as well as a curriculum that allows for national and global study projects so that children build a sense of understanding about the wider world and a sense of belonging to different communities.

The curriculum will also reflect our ethos which aims to develop young people to have a strong voice. The principles of UNICEFs Rights Respecting Curriculum will be used to underpin approaches to learning. Please find out more by visiting link to UNICEF website for RRS. UNICEF - Rights Respecting Schools

In order for children to attain successfully, it is vital that our curriculum also addresses emotional health and well -being and that children learn to manage their emotions whilst understanding the characteristics of effective learners. This will be an integral part of the role modelling provided by all adults in the academy and the partnerships we build with families. Children will have daily opportunities to reflect on their learning and feelings. Our PSHE curriculum will also explicitly explore emotional health.

We want our curriculum to give the children the opportunity to be creative, independent, determined learners with a real love for wanting to work hard and improve in all aspects of their education.