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English and Literacy

Below are the expectations for Reading and Writing in Year 1 - please also see the attached pdf document for the Year 1 English Long Term Plan for curriculum coverage.


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• Identify which words appear again and again.

• Recognise and join in with predictable phrases.

• Relate reading to own experiences.

• Re-read if reading does not make sense.

• Re-tell with considerable accuracy.

• Discuss significance of title and events.

• Make predictions on basis of what has been read.

• Make inferences on basis of what is being said and done.

• Read aloud with pace and expression, i.e. pause at full stop; raise voice for question.

• Recognise:  capital letters, full stops,  question marks, exclamation marks, ellipsis.

• Know why the writer has used the above punctuation in a text.

• Know difference between fiction and non-fiction texts.


• Write clearly demarcated sentences.

• Use ‘and’ to join ideas. • Use conjunctions to join sentences (e.g. so, but).

• Use standard forms of verbs, e.g. go / went.

• Introduce use of: capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks.

• Use capital letters for names and personal pronoun ‘I’.

• Write a sequence of sentences to form a short narrative [as introduction to paragraphs].

• Use correct formation of lower case – finishing in right place.

• Use correct formation of capital letters. Image result for clip art writing

• Use correct formation of digits.