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Beaumont Primary Academy

Aims and Ethos

Beaumont Primary Academy is a caring multi-cultural school where everyone is encouraged to recognise and achieve their potential whatever their religion, culture, race, gender and ability, as supported by the United Nation’s Students’s Rights Charter. Our students are at the heart of every decision we will make. Our commitments to our academy community include: 


  • Having high expectations for all within the school community.
  • Creating an atmosphere where all forms of bullying including racism are unacceptable.
  • Providing a happy, safe and secure environment where students feel valued and respected, and are able to participate and approach all staff.
  • Giving all students equal access to the curriculum, resources and support, appropriate to their needs.
  • Wanting everyone to feel successful and have their success recognised and celebrated.
  • In line with British Values, actively teaching and promote respect and tolerance of all faiths recognising that everyone is an individual and brings with them diverse experiences and backgrounds.
  • Celebrating and value the diversity within our community and promote social cohesion through interaction with other communities. We explicitly teach pupils about the importance of respecting individual liberty and living harmoniously within communities.
  • Delivering a holistic learning experience which develops students socially, emotionally, creatively, culturally and morally in order to become active British citizens, who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Encouraging an atmosphere where everybody is given the opportunity to develop their personal learning and voice and begin to learn from each other.
  • Promoting mutual respect, trust and honesty for all. The school community values each other equally and learns to share and respect each- others’ values and beliefs.
  • Encouraging parental involvement and working with parents as partners.
  • Supporting students to begin to understand democracy and the Rule of Law. We will ensure all individuals are accountable for their actions and that everyone understands they have a role to play and as such they will have a voice in many aspects of school life.
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle which seeks to equip individuals to make a full and active contribution to society
  • Providing the best available teaching expertise and learning experiences with high expectations of achievement and behaviour.
  • Developing self-esteem, self-confidence and positive attitudes


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We are excited about the journey that lies ahead, which will, together with you, see us to realise our aims and ethos.