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Hello, thank you for visiting our website and a warm welcome to our academy. We are in the midst of extremely exciting times; after opening nearly two years ago in our temporary modular building, we have now moved into our purpose built multi -million pound academy building. It is a truly fantastic modern build. Feedback from staff, parents and pupils has been positive - we all appreciate the thought that has gone into the space which has been created - the children have well equipped classrooms, a library, a dance studio, a cooking room, a huge PE hall and generous outdoor space including a Multi Use Games area (MUGA).  Kirklees and BAM have really delivered us a building we are proud of.

We are lucky to be part of a highly supportive Academy Trust and as such we work closely with other partner schools as well as with our Central Trust team. South Pennine Academies, led by CEO Jane Acklam, believes in each academy retaining its’ own identity whilst all subscribing to the 4 key trust priorities.

Strong and Effective Leaders       High Performing Staff

Successful Students       Engaged Community

Our academy motto, ‘Adventures in Learning’ details the exciting journey we are all on as learners and what we want for every one of our children. Having reflected upon our first two years since opening, we know our success is dependent upon the four trust priorities but in addition, the whole school community committing to three key strengths:

Relationships   Collaboration    Diligence

We have a highly skilled and diverse staff team who are passionate about what they do and who come to work because they believe that they make a difference every single day. They do make a difference.

We have a highly skilled and diverse parent community who are passionate about the education of their children and who bring their children to school every day because they believe it makes a difference. It does matter and they do make a difference.

Most importantly we have a highly skilled and diverse pupil community; they are truly amazing, gorgeous, clever, skilled, energetic, delightful, funny, shy, friendly, curious, nervous, confident, challenging, adventurous group of children who absolutely light up our classrooms and make every day count.

We might be teaching the next footballer, poet, artist, bus driver, pianist, lawyer, police officer, Olympian, actor, scientist, business owner, retail assistant, nurse, doctor, teacher, philosopher, builder, inventor, engineer, archaeologist, vet…we just don’t know. So whilst we absolutely deliver the national curriculum, ensuring a robust skills progression, we also respond to what works for the children and we offer a rich and experiential learning experience. Our curriculum and the flexibility of it allows us to respond to the very children in front of us. We do not pigeon-hole children to fit a plan but rather grow the plan to fit the children.

We teach without ceilings and without pre-conceptions so that children can show us what they can do, not what we think they can do. We assume they can and find the way to help them. It takes patience, dedication and belief. We must believe that they can achieve; provide the right climate and they will.

Our academy has a vibrant and diverse school community and we want all of our pupils to be proud of themselves and who they are, whilst having the highest standards of respect and understanding for each other. Our children are role models who already make positive contributions to society and we have been very proud of the way they have represented us since we opened. We have a very supportive parent community and believe our relationships with our families is key to our success. Parents have many opportunities to be a part of their child’s learning journey from the daily early morning drop in sessions to workshops, family learning afternoons, celebration assemblies and regular homework projects.

We have the advantage of sharing a site with a high school, a pre-school and a SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) programme; this lends itself to opportunities for joint project working and enjoying the expertise of the many staff on site.

We are proud of what we have achieved since opening. Our attainment and progress is strong and we are confident in our ability to work with our families and prepare our children to be ready and well equipped for the future.

If you would like to know more about us or to arrange a visit, please contact Mrs Bindley in the school office on 01484 503111.

I look forward to working with you.

Debbie Kelly,



Ms Jane Acklam OBE

CEO of South Pennine Academies

Miss Debbie Kelly

Principal of Beaumont Primary Academy